KDZ specializes in small to medium commercial and residential construction projects.


KDZ specializes in kitchen, bathroom, basement, and other home remodeling. We work with you to reimagine your new space so you can enjoy it to the fullest!


KDZ repairs decks, doors, drywall, fences, gutters, windows, window frames, tile, etc. We take repairs seriously and ensure to do them correctly. We are determined to create safe spaces for our customers.


KDZ installs cabinets, doors, drywall, fences, gutters, tile, fiberglass, windows, etc. We always consult you on the details so that we can take care of your specific needs.


KDZ builds attractive outdoor decks that fit in nicely with your home. We partner with you to explore the possibilities for your dream deck before making it a reality.


KDZ has a long history of working with concrete. We construct sidewalks, paths, driveways, and basement flooring.

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